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PROJECT BENEFITS Construction of 100 Dams in Balochistan Package-I, 20 Dams would render following benefits: - + Supply about 52,000 Acre ft (64.14 million m3) of conserved flood water for direct irrigation and drinking purposes and will benefit about 25,850 acres (10,466 hectares) of fertile culturable land. + Reduction in the flood peaks and flood damages to the downstream areas/ population. + Provide direct and indirect opportunities of livelihood to the population of the area during implementation and operation of the projects. + Promote tourism and aquaculture production.
PROJECT CONCEPT Appropriate conservation of the flood flow with the help of storage / Delay action dams would serve the dual purpose of protection of cultivated land and population against frequent flood damages and would also help to augment the growth of agriculture, besides Recharge of Ground Water Aquifer.
PROJECT AIMS Construction of 100 Dams in Balochistan Project is aimed at: - + Conservation of Run-off + Agriculture Extension + Ground Water Recharge by Artificial means + Flood Mitigation + Soil Erosion Control + Poverty Alleviation + Employment Generation
The Government of Pakistan is sponsoring construction of 100 dams in Balochistan. The Package-I of the project comprising of 20 Dams was launched in June 2009, which has successfully been completed in June 2015. Package-II, comprising of 26 Dams is near completion with physical progress of more than 95%. Package-III of the project comprising of 20 dams is at the anvil of implementation on fast-track basis.
Construction of 100 Dams in Balochistan
Water Sector Project Balochistan - Financed by Federal PSDP